Our move in London Docklands!

Authored by Jack Cosens


We're moving data center!

Today we announce our plans to move from our old home at Equinix LD8 into Docklands-DC (Canary Wharf, United Kingdom). For most of our customers this transition will be seamless - as of writing this post we have already migrated our infrastructure over to our relay-devices over in TerraHost AS, Norway.

What's with the sudden move?

Equinix LD8 is a lovely facility however the building has some constraints with power and space. As London becomes an increasingly large hotspot for both our own products but also for general connectivity we are finding ourselves in need for more room for expansion for both our own products, and customer lead ones too! This move allows us to have a larger presence in the London docklands region to help assist us with our goals of being able to scale up our projects this also opens opportunity for us to offer additional hosting solutions at a fraction of the price we originally had.

What's the timeline?

We expect our move to be complete by mid-end October 2022, we are working with our new mitigation provider (CosmicGuard) to ensure our new cabinet space is fully protected using their advanced analytic and filtering technology. Once our move is confirmed we will begin moving our own infrastructure back over to London as our primary location, keeping Norway as our relay node. From a customer standpoint the latency difference between our old location and new is not significant. Both locations have similar network blend, and physical distance is less than 1km.

The entire team is excited to get the move underway and we look forward to seeing what this extra capacity might bring for all of our customers/players.

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